Air Conditioner & Cooling System Repairs Near Oak Hill, WV

Fast & Friendly Repairs for Your HVAC & Cooling System

Ward Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, based in Oak Hill, WV, technicians provide fast, friendly service for all of your cooling system needs. We are fully trained and certified to handle all makes and models of air conditioning and other related operations that keep your home or office feeling “just right.” Whether you are from right here in Oak Hill, or you live in Raleigh, Fayette, or Nicholas County, our experienced HVAC technicians are here to help keep you cool in the summers. Keep our number handy when you need service on your air conditioner, HVAC, or cooling system: (304) 469-9767.

Ward Provides a Wide Variety of Services, Including:

Air Cleaners & Indoor Air Quality: Everyone appreciates being able to breathe clean air that is free from dust and other contaminants that can cause allergies or health problems. The technicians from Ward are skilled at repairs on air purifying systems and can help install a new unit if you choose.

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps: We service all brands, so give our experts a call. Our team can also install any air conditioner or cooling system and provide for cooling units for new construction or renovations, so let us know how we can help!

Humidifiers: When it comes to having a comfortable airflow, the use of a humidifier can add the right touch of moisture, which helps cut down excessive dryness in your home. This makes your living space feeling much more enjoyable and can help reduce breathing and skin problems associated with dry forced-air systems.

Preventive Maintenance: Making sure your systems are running right is part of what we do. With our preventive maintenance program, you can rely on Ward to provide regular support with changing air filters and providing system tune-ups that will keep your equipment humming along when you need it most.

For all your air conditioner and cooling needs,
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